Recreational Aircraft Association
Calgary Chapter Projects


Babcock, Bob Bowers Flybaby
Baxter, William Glastar Flying 2008
Beanlands, Kenneth Buttercup
Beanlands, Kenneth Christavia MK 1 Flying
Cassidy, Carson KR2S - 3/4 complete
Charest, Joel Cozy Mark IV
Church, Scott Beech Staggerwing,Cavalier & Several  RV's
Clarke, Glen Smythe Sidewinder
Cleland, Collin KR-1 Rebuild project
Corner, Jim RV-3,(Kitfox-2 Flying)
Creasser, Jim E Z Flyer with
Suzuki 3-cylinder
Derks, Roland Vision (Composite) Vernon BC
Dixon, Alan Hatz Biplane
Doyle, Jim Long EZ
Duek, Vern Sonex
Erhardt, Norm Storch 3/4 scale
Farnham, Ross RV6A Flying 2004
Farnham, Ross RV10
Field, Mel RV7a Flying
Flach, Bruce Bearhawk
Forster, David F1 Rocket Flying
Foster, ButchYak (Custom built scale repl.) 
Foster, ButchCavalier,Flying
Foster, Butch  P-40 Warhawk (Scale) Flying
Fridman, Robert Zenith CH250
Gerrish, Russ RotorWay JetExec (Flying) Flying
Gray, Jeff Bowers Flybaby Flying
Inkster, Ralph  RV7A & RV6 RV7a Flying
James, Robert Cherokee 180, Acro Sport
Jansen, Terry 3/4 Spitfire
Kalau, Ed BD4
Lorimer, William R. Zenair Zodiac CH-601
Lukan, Eugene KR-2S, custom designed
McMullen, Bill Safari Helicopter (Was B-Bell)
Mueller, Donald Glasair
Mumert, Dave RV-6A
Neal, Graham Cozy Mark IV
Orlick, Ted Pelican PL
Onyo Lars MCR-01 (French 2 seater) Flying
Onyo, Lars BD4 Flying
Powley, Les Pelican PL
Rennie, Don C-177 Flying
Robson, Bill RV-6
Stagg, Andrew Glastar (Flying 2004) Flying
Mike Stoesser Zenith CH750 Some parts ready for inspection
Theroux, Gerald Hawker Sea Fury, Teeny Two Hawker Sea Fury 1/2 Scale
Thorne, Calvin Vision EX (Composite) Calvin's Web Page
Tones, Gord BD-5 c/w Honda EB-3 engine BD-5 Flying
Tones, Gord Bonanza M model Flying
Vader, Tim Kitfox Classic IV
Voth, Dennis RV-7A Flying
Whittred, Eric Jodel D11
Wilson, Don Vans RV6

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